Tomato Paste…That’s Amore!

amore tom paste

Ever notice that “tinny” taste of can-packed foods? I certainly do, so when I come across a great tasting product like this can-free Amore tomato paste, I’ll pass the tip along.

Approximately 6 tomatoes go into every ounce resulting in a more intense taste. The Amore paste is double concentrated which means the ratio of real tomatoes that goes into an an ounce of Amore is much higher than the number of tomatoes in an ounce of typical tomato paste.

The Amore paste has a long shelf life due to the tube packaging (much like tootpaste). The “Best Before Date” is prited on each box and tube. After opening the tubes, they should be refrigerated and used within 45 days for most robust flavor.

If your local grocer does’t carry the Amore brand, you can follow this link to help you find it. Happy cooking!

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