One-Pot Meals

My family and I recently required temporary housing due to a broken water pipe that decided to flood our house with enough water to make a Kraken comfortable. Not that there is ever a good time, but the week before Christmas really takes the cake. Our assigned rental property was nice enough, but I still find it frustrating to cook in someone else’s kitchen. The easiest thing to do is order pizza. Every night.

Fast food is a convenient solution, but definitely not the most nutritious. In times of stress, your body needs nutrients and only healthy home cooked meals offer that. So, in someone else’s kitchen, I decided to cook simple one-pot meals every night. My family enjoyed coming home to a good smelling house and we looked forward to a little bit of normalcy throughout all the chaos. Grocery store visits took a little bit more planning, that’s all.

First thing I did was take inventory. Was the kitchen equipped with the basics? Pots, pans, plates, forks, knives? Were there any delightful extras? Food processor, blender, mixing bowls, baking sheets, coffee filters, coffee? I couldn’t forget about clean up. Was there dish detergent, sponges, paper towels? Were there any spices that were left behind that I could incorporate into my recipes? What about all those good leftovers we’d have? Was there any aluminum foil, plastic wrap, storage containers? I was pleased with my findings. I had everything I needed (or at least a good substitute).

I also realized that a temporary relocation isn’t the only time I’d be in someone else’s kitchen. There are times when I temporarily relocate with intent. Winter is upon us and to many folks, that means condo rentals with family and friends at your favorite ski resort. Many people take turns cooking meals. One-Pot recipes are the perfect way to cozy up next to the fire and talk about that black diamond run you finally defeated, or in this case, a major home repair. Cheers to simple cooking. Cheers to you. Enjoy this list of one-pot meals.

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