Homemade Cafe au lait

au lait

Cafe au lait (coffee with milk) is a French coffee drink. It is basically some kind of coffee (drip, pressed, espresso, etc.) with milk added. In Europe, cafe au lait stems from the same continental tradition as “cafe con leche” in Spain, “kawa biala” (“white coffee”) in Poland, “milchkaffee” (“milk coffee”) in Germany, “koffie verkeerd” (“incorrect coffee”) in the Netherlands, and “cafe com leite” (“coffee with milk”) in Portugal. Cafe au lait is the name most commonly used in American coffee shops. For bold flavour, I use either a single cup drip coffee cone or French press. I use a milk frother (every home and office needs one) to foam up the milk. Yes, that is me in the owl pajamas. Aren’t they a hoot?

pouring coffee


1. Prepare coffee. 2. On the stove top, heat milk in a frother, uncovered. 3. Add a cinnamon stick to the cup. 4. Pour coffee into the cup. 5. Remove frother from stove top and manually pump, about 40 or 50 times to froth milk. 6. Add hot milk into the coffee along with some of the velvety foam. Voila!

frother with sieve

frothy from above

pouring milk


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