Cancel that Valentine’s Day Reservation (trust me)

dessert brownie

Kitchen tip of the day. Never go out on Valentine’s Day. Ever. It sucks and it’s for amateurs. Restaurants bank on people who want to be rushed in and out of their joint while offering them mediocre food and grumpy service . Who wants to be around all that forced romance?

There’s still plenty of time to cook up some lovin’ from the oven at home. Bake a batch of homemade cookies or whip up a dozen sexy brownies. Whatever you do, don’t buy her any of those cliche roses by the dozen (unless you owe her an apology). Spice it up with a moist cake (promise this one will get you everywhere you want to be). When all else fails, celebrate your love and affection by offering a robot*, r/c helicopter*, or something culinarily unique like a bottle of good booze. A bottle of Macallan 1926 will get cupid all stupid. Bottled in 1986 and rebottled in 2002, the 1926 Macallan was auctioned in 2007 at Christies in New York. It was the first liquor auction allowed in New York since the prohibition in 1920. You can expect to pay a small price (to the tune of $54,000). Meanwhile, get your heart on with these Valentine’s Day recipe suggestions: chicken piccatasalmon en papillotechipotle tamale pieratatouille (great for kids), spuntature e fagioli, rigatoni with roasted chicken and saffron , coq au vinartichoke soupblood orange salad with panko crusted halibut, or grilled halibut with lemon vanilla bean sauce.

Movie Night suggestion. Don’t you dare touch that big screen (trust me). Instead cozy up next to the fire with a hot toddy or glass of Champagne. Kick on some Nina Simone and get Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter.

*i’m weird.