No more excuses.

plated with wine
 Not having time to cook is always a good excuse not to. I feel like that sometimes and it’s okay to feel like that sometimes. Just not all or most of the time. We find time for things we consider a priority like exercising, getting a manicure or surfing the internet. We have to make cooking a priority because our health depends on it.

We all know that meals prepared at home are more nutritious for us. By cooking at home, I don’t mean ordering take-out or opening a pre-packaged meal made with love by a frozen food corporation like Stouffer’s either. I mean cooking in the kitchen with good raw ingredients. Boil some water! Chop some seasonal vegetables! Peel a carrot! Invite a few friends to come around. Cooking is fun. Cooking is communal. Cooking is sexy. Your home came with a kitchen, so why not use it?

Start cooking this weekend by collecting a few simple recipes. Get motivated by listening to this 5 minute interview with food journalist, Michael Pollan. No more excuses!