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mango chicken

Mango Chicken

It’s mango season! Loaded with juicy sweetness, this stone fruit is sensational blended into smoothies, mashed as an ice cream topping or …

saffron with onion and cream

Macbeth Witches Brew

April 23rd is Shakespeare’s birthday and it has been proclaimed as Talk Like Shakespeare Day. In honour of this joyous spring day, …

calzone whole


Calzone translates to “stocking” in Italian. It’s basically a fancy turnover or folded pizza. They are baked and typically shaped like a …



“Snakes. I hate snakes.” The 2013 Year of the Snake begins on February 10th. In celebration, I thought I’d prepare one of …

chicken marsala

Chicken (Not) Marsala

I love the idea of chicken Marsala, but I rarely have the required wine on hand. Marsala is a fortified wine similar …