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saffron with onion and cream

Macbeth Witches Brew

April 23rd is Shakespeare’s birthday and it has been proclaimed as Talk Like Shakespeare Day. In honour of this joyous spring day, …

pollo con arroz plated

Pollo con Arroz

Chicken with rice is a simple one-pot recipe. It originated in Spain and is a staple throughout Latin America. Caramelized onions, garlic, …

veg bean plated

Vegetable & White Bean Stew

People eat better when they plan ahead. Start organizing a menu now for next week. Instead of grabbing fast food, make a …


Coq au Vin

The name only sounds fancy. The direct English translation means “rooster cooked in wine.” I suggest using chicken instead. Braise the chicken …

plate2 pork

Pork with Apples & Cinnamon

Apples are still in season and better than ever! I used Honeycrisp apples for this recipe. Honeycrisps were developed in Minnesota and …

rat and polenta


The word ratatouille comes from the French word Touiller which means to toss food. Sounds like fun already, doesn’t it! The prepared …